Why Project Server

A central solution allows you to capture all ideas so they don’t get lost. All ideas that survive a first evaluation, will be judged on objective criteria. The result of this will be an objective selection of ideas that aligns with the strategic objectives of the organization. It also allows to keep the people that posted the idea the be kept in the loop and provide them with feedback on the status.

Ideas that become projects are all gathered in a central repository. Plannings use one central resource pool, allowing to see which resources are available to work on the project. By defining standard rates for the resources, the cost of the different activities is calculated automatically when assigning resources to them.

Since all the information is stored in a central database, it is possible to generate reports with real-time information at any given point in time. Database security will assure that information is only accessible to the users with the appropriate access rights.

A central platform for documents and other information, version control on all changes, guarantee that everyone always sees the latest version. It also prevents loss of information.

Last but not least, Project Server allows accessing the information via a web browser. No difficult login procedures or strange software but the familiar Microsoft environment with SharePoint and MS Project as user interfaces.

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