Resource Management

Working in a project- or matrix-organization, resources that are committed to projects have to be planned.

It has to be said that from a project-organizational point of view this is often a bit easier. A project manager has access to a fixed team appointed to him for the duration of the project so he has their full availability.

With a matrix-organization the same resources are appointed to different projects and so requiring a resource manager to assign resources to these multiple projects.

Depending on the chosen process, the resource manager will assign his people to different plannings or has an own planning in which he assigns the resources per project. The project manager then knows when he has a resource available and has to match his planning to the availability. Because resources are by definition limited, it’s essential to have good communication between resource manager and project manager to have an optimal allocation of especially critical resources. Besides good communication also an easily accessible project and resource planning is vital.

And there isn’t only the planning aspect. In a fast changing world, projects and their content also tend to change. This means resources have to be trained routinely to keep up with the latest technologies, methodologies, etc…
An early estimate of future projects and necessary profiles and skills required can prevent resource shortages on long-term or can be a safeguard for inefficient trainings.

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